An advanced ASOIAF roleplay taking place after A Storm of Swords.
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 Global Plot

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Daenerys Targaryen

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PostSubject: Global Plot   Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:35 pm

King Joffrey Baratheon has died, by poisoning at his own wedding. His mother, Queen Regent Cersei Lannister, has accused her brother Tyrion Lannister of doing so (when in reality, he did not do it!). Tyrion demanded a trial by combat, as Prince Oberyn Martell as his champion. The trial was lost, and Tyrion was judged guilty. Jaime Lannister and Varys set Tyrion free. As Tyrion was making his way to freedom, he strangled his lover Shae, and shot his father Tywin Lannister, Lord Paramount of the Westerlands, with a bolt, and escaped to the East, in Pentos.

Tommen has now ascended the Iron Throne, though his age prevents him from ruling. His mother, Cersei Lannister, rules as Queen Regent, though she has become overprotective and maddened over her grief at the loss of Joffrey, her firstborn son.

As Cersei effectively holds power, Kevan Lannister demands the regency and title of Hand of The King, deeming Cersei unfit to rule.

The Tyrells roam the capital, as Margaery is betrothed to Tommen. Cersei believes them an enemy to the crown, and believes they conspire against her and her son. Whether this is true, remains to be seen.

Sansa (disguised as Alayne Stone), wife of Tyrion, is believed to play a part in Joffrey's murder. She has been smuggled from King's Landing, and to the Vale with the help of Lord Baelish. During her stay, she becomes romantically-enticed with Petyr, and leads to the death of Lady Lysa, shoved from her Moon Door by Littlefinger. Now, Baelish rules the Vale as Lord Protector Regent only in name, as the Vale Lords resist his power, and plot to overthrow him.

Brienne of Tarth, a female swordswoman formerly dubbed a knight of King Renly's kingsguard, has thought to been the murderer of Lord Renly, though in truth, Melisandre's sorcery had accomplished such. Brienne vows to Jaime that she will find Sansa to protect her at all costs. And to do it, she has Oathkeeper, a reforged Valyrian-steel sword of Ned Stark's Ice, a gift from Ser Jaime.

After the Red Wedding, Catelyn Stark's body was dumped into the Trident, left to rot for days. Happenstance, the Brotherhood without Banners discovers her body, Beric Dondarrion resurrects her with the Last Kiss, which he gave his life for her's. Catelyn has returned to life, though death has changed her. She has soft, loose skin the color of curdled milk, half her hair is missing, her face is covered in unheralded cuts, and her throat is slit so she can not talk. She is Lady Stoneheart, and roams the Riverlands as the leader of the Brotherhood, hanging anyone related to the Lannisters, the Freys, the Red Wedding, or anyone who betrayed her son Robb.

In the North, the Boltons hold Winterfell uneasily, with conspirators and dissidents scattered all over the North.

Arya, a believed heiress by many, has escaped to Braavos, intent on becoming a Faceless Man, from the House of Black and White. She has an Iron Coin, of unknown origin, given to her by Jaqen H'ghar.

Stannis Baratheon (believed to be Azor Ahai reborn by Melisandre) is at the Wall, on Castle Black. He has the help of his red priestess sorceress, Melisandre. He has his armies as well, intending to march on Winterfell and uproot the Boltons. To hold the North, he needs a Stark, and turns to Jon Snow to take up the Lordship of Winterfell.

The Lord Commander Snow, just elected by the plotting of Samwell Tarly), faces the threat of the Wildlings and the aftermath of the battle. He has sympathy for the Free Folk, and intends on helping them. He is burdened with Stannis and his armies, and his pressures. Jon remains an uneasy leader with alliances divided, and supporters for other commanders.

In the Free Cities, Tyrion Lannister has been smuggled into Pentos. He arrives at Varys's colleague, Illyrio Mopatis. Mopatis, Magister of Pentos, deems Tyrion a fit Hand for Daenerys Targaryen, and claims that he intends on helping her for wealth.

Tyrion meets Griff and Young Griff, whom don't appear to be who they really are. Griff is Jon Connington, exiled Lord of Griffin's Roost and longtime friend of Rhaegar Targaryen; Young Griff is claimed to be Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar and Elia of Dorne, who was not really killed in Ribert's Robellion. He is claimed to be nephew of Daenerys, and they intend on a marriage proposal to her, to join strength of the Golden Company and the Unsullied and the dragons.

In Dorne, Prince Doran rules, though his time may be cut short due to his declining health. The Sand Snakes, bastard daughters of the Red Viper acquainted with weaponry and fighting, are angered about their father's death and urge Doran to declare war against the Lannisters, much to his hesitation. Arianne, heir to Dorne, believes her father means for her brother, Tristayne, to inherit. She tries to gain favor with her father and of Dorne by plotting to have Myrcella (Trystane's betrothed) crowned, as rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

On the Iron Islands, Balon Greyjoy has named himself King, trying to restore the old ways; he made the Iron Islands independent from the Iron Throne. He was killed by a storm that took him under, and now his godly brother, Aerong Damphair, calls a kingsmoot to choose the new king. Euron Crow's-Eye, Victarion Greyjoy, and Asha Greyjoy are the popular ones of the many candidates.

In Slaver's Bay, Daenerys Targaryen rules a fragile Meereen. She has made thousands of enemies with the abolishment of slavery. Yunkai, New Ghis, Volantis, Lys, Tolos, Mantarys, and Astapor have declared war against her. While she rules, The Sons of the Harpy murder freedmen and Unsullied in the shadows. Amidst this all, her three dragons have gone wild, and Drogon has escaped and remains far from Meereen.
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Global Plot
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